Stryke Freestyle – Martial Arts


A martial arts class aimed at ages 7 and over, great for kids’ fitness and confidence!

Stryke usually isn’t what kids expect it to be, we train with punchbags and kick-shields right from the start and encourage all levels to take part in active non-contact and light-contact sparring against other club members. We promote fitness training, self development and although discipline isn’t strictly forced upon them our members learn to naturally accept it as they progress.

A normal class will usually include stretching/warm up, kicking and punching techniques, fitness training, sparring – all in a fun and friendly environment!

The training is led and overseen by Sensei Jim Womersly who is a 6th Dan and assisted by other black belts who all trained with the club.


Coming Soon – web pages created by our members describing their experiences of Stryke and martial arts in general.

At the Irene Parker Pride of the Buffalo Awards, on Tues 9th June, 4 of our students were given awards.

The Denise Mitchell Young Person of the Year Award was won by Elise Brown, with Flick Wilkinson getting the Champion award and Fran Wilkinson the Silver award.

Kurt Smith was given a Champions award in the Margaret Bennett Spirit of Youth Award class.

Our Sensei Jim was also given a Silver award for Volunteer of the Year, and our group Stryke Karate was also given a Silver Award for Best Community Project.

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